When we lived in Egypt, we were lucky enough to visit many ancient sites, some more than 4,500 years old. We have used the photos and knowledge we gained during these travels to make our Ancient Egypt teaching resources.

Pyramids were built as tombs for royalty. Egyptians believed the body needed to be preserved so that the spirit could journey to the afterlife and pyramids were how Egyptian pharaohs protected their body after death as well as items the deceased pharaoh might need in the afterlife. Many things have been found in pyramids, including boats, wooden statues, stone carvings, clothing, food, and even pets!

Temples were believed to be the homes of gods and goddesses. Some temples were built out of stone and some were carved right into the cliffs. Many temples are still standing today. Even after thousands of years have passed, and the bright paints have long worn away, these sites are still impressive.

This information, and more, is included in our Ancient Egypt РGods and Goddesses. If you are teaching your students about Ancient Egypt, check out our primary resource below!

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

This lesson explores twelve of the main ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, the Nile and the gods, symbols, and temples with photos and information about Abu Simbel, Hatshepsut and Karnak. There is a map of Egyptian Temples with photos. Activities include a matching activity where students match the name of the god to the description or illustration, a fact file where students fill in information about their favorite god or goddess, a symbol search, multiple choice, and picture labeling activity where students write the name of the temple on the photo.

Pages: 17 (including 4 answer sheets)


  • 7 Information Handouts
  • Map of Ancient Sites
  • Find The Match Activity
  • Symbol Search Activity
  • Egyptian God Fact File Activity
  • Which Temple Is It? and Name that Temple (differentiated worksheets)
  • 4 Answer Sheets

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