Viking women were no shrinking violets. A Viking woman could inherit property, and if her husband mistreated her she could leave him, and take her property with her. Here are ten facts about Viking women that just might surprise you!

1. They could carry weapons.

2. Her first marriage was arranged (but she could pick her next husband.)

3. They traveled on Viking ships.

4. The lady was in charge of the household finances.

5. She had more freedom and power than women in the rest of Europe during the Viking age.

6. It was shameful for a man to harm a Viking woman.

7. Women were sometimes buried with keys as a symbol of their status in the home.

8. They did the jobs of men while they were away raiding.

9. A Viking woman could divorce her husband.

10. Viking women could be merchants.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts. This information is all part of our Viking Women resource. If you are teaching your students about Vikings, check out our primary resource below!

Life in the Viking Age

This lesson covers women’s rights in the Viking age, the role of women and the Oseberg ship. There is a multiple choice worksheet.

Pages: 3 (including answer sheet)


  • 1 Information Pages
  • 1 Multiple Choice
  • Answer Sheet

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