The Romans were known for their innovations in warfare, technology and architecture, but when it came to myths and the mythological beasts, they borrowed from the more poetically-inclined Greeks. These fantastical beasts, creatures and monsters, could be good or evil. Some were enemies for heroes to vanquish, some provided wisdom and help to deserving mortals and demi-gods, and some enforced the will of the gods.

This information, and more, is included in our Ancient Romans РMythological Beasts. If you are teaching your students about Ancient Egypt, check out our primary resource below!

Ancient Roman Mythological Beasts

In this lesson, students learn about Roman mythological creatures. Twelve of the main Roman gods are explored in listings, Centaur, Cerberus, Chimera, Cyclops, Faun, Harpy, Hydra, Medusa, Minotaur, Pegasus, Phoenix and Siren. Each listing features an original illustration, facts and a short myth. The introduction includes interesting facts about ancient Roman mythological beasts including the influence of the Greeks, heroes, natural phenomena, animal attributes and powers. There is also a page exploring three constellations named after mythological beasts. This PDF includes information handouts, differentiated reading response, create a monster activity, constellation task cards and a printable memory card game.

Pages: 33 (including 6 answer sheets)


  • 12 Illustrated Listings
  • Constellation Page
  • Constellation Task Cards
  • Star Charts
  • Create a Monster Activity
  • Printable Memory Card Game
  • Questions / Multiple Choice / True or False (Differentiated Reading Response)

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