Halloween began 2000 years ago, in the iron age, as a Celtic festival called Samhain that marked the change in seasons at the end of October. Over the centuries, Samhain was combined with Roman and Christian celebrations. New traditions began in Ireland and Scotland and were brought to North America with Irish and Scottish immigrants, where they evolved into the Halloween we know today.

Origins of Halloween

This bundle includes an information handout, activities, worksheets and a poster. The information handout explores the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, the Roman festivals that influenced the Celts, the Christian All Saints’ Day and later traditions brought by Irish and Scottish immigrants to North America. This poster features a timeline that explores the origins of Halloween and how the traditions have changed over time. The size of the poster is 11 x 17 inches but it is a scalable vector so it could easily be printed bigger or smaller.

Pages: 9 + poster


  • 1 Information Handout
  • 3 Fill In The Timeline Activities (Differentiated)
  • 1 Comprehension Questions
  • 1 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Answer Sheets
  • Poster

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