It’s finally ready! 

Our first ever digital escape room has just been published. This is an engaging way for students to review everything they’ve learned from our print and digital Viking resources. Students explore a professor’s office and use their knowledge about Vikings to unlock clues that can be used to open the door and escape the room.

The escape room is hosted on Boom Learning. If you’re new to Boom Cards, we have more information here

You can see a preview of the deck here

The escape room uses a feature called Flow Magic, which allows students to navigate the room in any order they like. The preview only shows the first four cards, but as a thank-you for being a follower of Primary Topic Shop, for the next few days, you can try the entire deck here.

We hope you enjoy this new product and we welcome any feedback. If you’d like to get in touch, you can email us at admin@primarytopicshop.com.


Richard & Christa

The Viking Age - Digital Escape Room

This escape room is a fun review of the Viking Boom Cards Bundle. Students explore a professor’s office to find the runic code they need to escape the room. Five mini-challenges will test your student’s knowledge of the Viking Age.

We recommend this review for students who have completed the Viking Bundle, either the print version or the digital version, however, the answers to all the questions can be found within the room.

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