Over the last few years, for obvious reasons, there has been a focus on health and wellbeing in schools. Children have had to readjust to a return to school and to being around other children. For most, this has been a relatively easy transition but for a few, it has been tricky. One way of promoting positive behaviour in schools is to recognise them and reward the behaviours you want to promote. 

Stickers can be used to reward students who are behaving in a positive manner. They could also be used to create a tally sheet where students can mark when they are ‘caught’ displaying these behaviours.

We have included health and wellness stickers rewarding good behaviour in our Chinese Calendar resource. These stickers feature an animal in the Chinese Zodiac along with a positive trait linked to that animal in the Chinese tradition. 

Chinese Calendar

The Chinese lunisolar calendar has been used for over 4000 years. In Ancient China, farmers used the calendar so they would know when to plant their fields and harvest their crops. This resource includes reading pages about the lunisolar calendar, origins of the Chinese calendar, the Chinese Zodiac, the legend of the Great Race, the introduction of the Gregorian calendar and Chinese New Year as well as a vocabulary guide. Included are differentiated worksheets, a Chinese lantern craft and Zodiac Stickers that can be used for Health & Well-being.

Pages: 16 (including 4 answer sheets)


  • 3 Information Handouts
  • Vocabulary Page
  • Chinese Zodiac Reference
  • Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Chinese Lantern Craft Project
  • True or False Worksheet
  • Multiple Choice Worksheet
  • Comprehension Questions Worksheet
  • Zodiac Stickers
  • Answer Sheets
  • Terms of Use

Animal illustrations on Zodiac Stickers created by rawpixel.com – www.freepik.com

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