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Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus

One of the most famous Roman myths is the story of how Rome was founded. The legend of Romulus and Remus was created by Romans, one of the few that was not adapted from a Greek myth, although according to the legend, the brothers were descendants a famous Greek hero....

Making Papyrus

Making Papyrus

Supplies Needed Brown paper bag White glue Water Wax paper Bowl Stir Stick What to do Step 1 Rip the brown paper bag into one inch wide strips of equal length. Step 2 In a bowl make a mixture of half glue and half water. (To make one sheet of papyrus you only need...

Who Were The Vikings?

Who Were The Vikings?

Scandinavians Vikings were people from Scandinavia from the late 8th century until the mid 11th century, a time known as the Viking age. Scandinavia is the area of Northern Europe which is now the countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Explorers Vikings were a...

Food Diary

We created this diary for a health and well-being topic. Filling out the diary every day helped students be more mindful of what they were eating and compare their diet to national health guidelines.


Printing Tips

  • Print (or copy) pages double-sided
  • Fold in half to make booklet

Times Tables poster

A classroom poster that brightens the room and provides a helpful multiplication table reference for student.



  • Printable Poster

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