Student Packs

Tips for using Interactive PDFs for distance learning.

How can I use the Student Pack?

Student Pages

Student packs only include student pages (reading, worksheets and activities) without any of the teacher pages such as answer sheets and teacher instructions, so you can email the pack to students, or post on a learning management program IF password protected AND limited to a single classroom only.


Certain worksheets can be completed on a computer, laptop or tablet. The best way for a student to fill in the interactive sections of the PDF is to download the file and use Adobe Reader to complete the work. This can be downloaded for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/ If a student tries to complete the worksheet in preview mode, it may not correctly save the information.

Please Note: Not all activities and worksheets are interactive. Many craft and drawing activities do not have interactivity. In general, True or False, Multiple Choice, Comprehension Questions and Crosswords are interactive.

    Google Classroom

    Student Packs do not integrate with Google Classroom but the pack can still be assigned in Google Classroom. Most worksheets can be completed by students using Adobe Reader (some activities need to be printed, depending on the resource)

    Teacher Instructions
    1. Assign as normal, making a copy for each student.
    2. When the assignment is handed in, you can see the student’s work.
    Student Instructions
    1. Download document – click on the 3 dots (more action) button from the top right corner, click on ‘open in new window’ download the file by clicking on the download button shown in the top right.
    2. Open in Adobe Acrobat Reader and complete.
    3. Save the document.
    4. On the assignment page under Your Work, click add or create and upload the finished pdf.
    5. Click Hand in.

    If you are looking for a resource that integrates with Google Classroom, check out our Boom Cards.


      YOU (the original purchaser) MAY:

      • Make copies for the classroom
      • Make one copy for backup purposes, but not with intent to redistribute
      • Distribute this resource electronically on a learning management program such as Google Classroom IF password protected AND limited to a single classroom only.

      YOU MAY NOT:

      • Claim this work as your own, alter the files in any way, or remove the copyright/watermarks
        Share this product (part of it or in its entirety) with others
      • Repackage and/or sell or give away all or part this product
      • Share all or part of this product on the Internet (other than on Learning Management Software programs such as Google Classroom IF password protected AND limited to a single classroom only) as a download or copy including, but not limited to, personal sites, school sites, or Google Doc links on blogs or sites, Internet sharing groups, news lists, or shared databases, or Open Education Resource Groups such as Amazon Inspire.

      By downloading this resource, you agree that the contents are the property of the Primary Topic Shop and licensed to you only for personal use as a single user. Primary Topic Shop retains the copyright and reserves all rights to this product.

      Thank you for abiding by universally accepted codes of professional ethics while using this product.

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